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Thousands of years ago prehistoric people were living life completely different to ours. As their history was not written down for us, we are deeply fascinated by the archaeological find and what they can tell us about this ancient culture and how people lived.  Most of our information about the people who lived at this time comes from the cave paintings which have endured the centuries. Cave paintings, or parietal art as it is known, have been found all around the word.  The oldest known painting is 64 000 years old! It is fascinating that no matter of what part of the world the drawings are found, there are striking similarities.  Prehistoric people were painting mainly animals, rather than human figures. As many of the caves where paintings have been discovered were not used for dwelling, a theory which has developed is that these paintings had a ritualistic meaning. 

In Bulgaria you will find Magura Cave, with over 750 prehistoric images. Magura Cave is 15 000 000 years old. The paintings are dated from 10, 000 to 8,000 years ago. They are widely considered to be masterpieces of the late prehistoric art in Europe. The paintings can be organised into 4 groups,

animals, symbols, anthropomorphic and geometric.  Some represent important events for the people using the caves.

The best-known images from Magura Cave are two rows depicting a   hunting scene and dancing figures. Another image has been recognised as a solar calendar. Bulgarian researchers suggest that this is the oldest European Neolithic Solar Calendar representing 366 days, with images of black and white squares used to count the days. The cave has been protected since 1993.

The cave is 2.5 km long and has a constant temperature of 12 degrees.

The cave consists of one main gallery and 3 smaller ones. The main gallery has 6 chambers. Some beautiful stalactites and stalagmites can be seen. Their shape has given rise to their names, such as ‘The Poplar’, ‘The Pipe Organ’, ‘The Oriental City’ and ‘The Cactus’.

Magura Cave also contains famous wine making facilities in it. You can enjoy a glass of fine bubbly wine or immerse yourself in one of the gala concerts held In Magura Cave.

Over all we must say that Magura Cave is not only one of the largest Bulgarian caves but very popular and attractive as well!

It is simply a  ‘must see’!


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